Selecting The Right Toys

Just as there are age-appropriate toys for children, there are size-appropriate toys for birds.

In general, the toys we make in various sizes are recommended for:

     ** Extra-small: Finches, Canaries, Budgies, etc.

     ** Small: Parrotlets (usually heavy toy players), Lovebirds, Cockatiels (often light toy players), small Conures, etc.

     ** Medium: Caiques, Indian Ringnecks, Senegals, large Conures, African Greys, small Amazons, etc.

     ** Large: Macaws, large Amazons, Cockatoos, etc.

When selecting a sleep-toy, birds often prefer to snuggle up next to something in their color-family. Your bird's natural instinct is to sleep in a flock, with one of it's kind next to it. This usually isn't possible in our homes but we can provide them substitutes.

Our toys come with twist-closure hangers. Never use snap-closure hangers or wire (bread) twist-ties.

Yes, birds see in color – perhaps better than people do. Your feathered friend may have a favorite color and/or most despised color. Their preferences may remain the same throughout their lives, or they may change over time. Use your good observations to help determine these things.

Birds need various types of toys:

     ** “Puzzle” toys that cause them to think and ponder

     ** Destructible toys – yes you should spend money on toys you know full well they are going to tear up! That is part of what birds do!

     ** “Indestructible” toys (or least ones that will take longer to destroy!)

     ** Foraging toys that food and special treats can be hidden in

     ** Activity toys, such as swings and ladders

Every bird deserves the best in everything - especially toys!

Red-fronted macaw

About Birdie Britches

Ms Cindy Owner

Tehya Manager

We are a small privately-owned business committed to making toys that may enrich your bird's life, while also being affordable. Each product is individually hand-made with both safety and enjoy-ability in mind. Because we make each toy by hand, no two will be exactly alike. If you have a specific color request, we will try to honor that based on product availability. As our toys are all built by hand, please remember, sometimes it could take a day or two longer to create your order.

In addition to toy-building, we also have birds – from finches to macaws, and many in between – and have over for 15 years. Our birds often serve as quality control experts as we develop new toys or make design changes to existing ones. Our products are tested and approved by the true experts!

While no toy is 100% safe, we use only the safest parts available, helping to ensure safe and are size-appropriate for your bird. Regularly checking for and removing broken or frayed parts will help keep toys as safe as possible. The hanging clips should be kept closed (yes we understand the birds open them) and toys should be washed regularly. Watching how your bird interacts with toys will also help you to make wise decisions on what may be used in an unsafe manner and therefore should be avoided for your birds in particular.


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